Mammothfest announces more acts

Having announced Rotting Christ headlining in a UK exclusive show and Tjusder from Norway, as main support as well as popular acts Meta-stasis and Lagerstein (Australia), amongst upcoming acts such as Bleed Again, OHHMS and more, the festival has unveiled new additions to the line-up, this time showcasing more of the best rising stars of metal…

Announced for the Black Metal Second Stage on Friday 6 October 2017 are true English black metal band, Heathen Deity, who formed back in 1998 and received critical acclaim from press including Terrorizer magazine for their early 2002 EP, “Walpugisacht, For the Glory of Satan”. Then band went on a hiatus they emerged from the darkness in 2014 and in 2016 they declared their ‘rebirth’ again and announced they are working on their debut album, this time armed with new members and ready to hit the stage again.

Necronautical are a trio from the Northwest of England have been unleashing their misanthropic black metal since 2010. Fast forward to 2016 and the band signed with well-known British metal label, Cacophonous records and released “The Endurance At Night” that same year via them, showcasing a new dark energy and resilience for Black metal. Come and hear their latest offerings at Mammothfest!

For Saturday 7 October on the Death/Extreme Metal Second Stage, we have Kill All The Gentlemen, a four piece metal band from Exeter, UK who deliver face melting pumped up metal to the masses. They played the New Blood stage at Bloodstock in 2014 as they impressively won the Hobgoblin online video competition for the track, ‘A Rose All Evil’. In 2017 the band are gearing up to head out on tour with death metal veterans, NAPALM DEATH and are in the middle of writing a new album. A must see at Mammothfest 2017!

Metal quartet Materia from Poland quickly established themselves in their home country as in 2013 they released their first LP “Case of Noise” which featured on the “Must be the music” – a very popular talent show in Poland. Coming second place saw them hit the limelight in mainstream television and spread the word about the band nationally and not just among metal fans.

Materia have to date played at a number of festivals including Sonisphere Poland (2010) which featured Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer and Megadeth on the line-up, Przystanek Woodstock, Jarocin Festial and Metal Fest. The band are currently busy promoting themselves by touring across Europe and it is our pleasure to welcome them to Mammothfest!

British heavy metal five piece Synaptik from Norwich, inject elements of thrash, power and progressive metal to create their own signature metal sound. These seasoned musicians have in the past shared the stage with the likes of Iron Maiden, Exodus, Onslaught and more and are devastating live! 2017 is the year of Synaptik, having already signed with DeFox and Heart Of Steal records as well as landing a US deal with Divebomb records and re-releasing a remixed heavier version of their hit debut album, “The Mechanisms of Consequence” on 30th January, and they are set to make an even bigger impact with their sophomore album, “Justify & Reason” which is released on March 10th. No doubt they will be gracing us with new songs during their set but don’t take our word for it, make sure you are there to see it for yourself!

Hole In The Sky are no strangers to Mammothfest, they played in 2014 alongside headliners Savage Messiah, Martyr Defiled, Ingested and more! This is a well established hammering local metal band that continue to grow despite losing their singer Rik (RIKSTOCK STAGE Rik) to Brain cancer a few years ago. The fact they are back is testament to their unstoppable tech death metal so there is no doubting 2017 is going to be an incredible year for them!

Gutteral Carnage are home grown local Brighton SLAM metal band. If you are into Ingested and other such disgusting (in a good way) bands then these nutters are for you! Massive detuned slam riffs and drilling drums come together in harmony to create gut wrenching extreme death metal. They may not have been around long but my god they have a huge future!

Negative Measures are Hardcore Punk four piece hailing from Brighton. They haven’t been on the scene long, as only formed back in 2014, and only released their debut EP ‘Demotivational Speeches’ via Big Word Records last year (2016) but every time the Mammothfest director Stephen Dickson goes to see them he finds local venues dripping with sweat as this energetic band bring together a community of like minded heads to party and wow they get things going! Be warned this is going to be electric!

And finally another local Brighton band, Rotten Foxes, described as Death Punk, bring a comic element to Mammothfest with their off the wall on stage costumes but don’t be fooled, these guys know how to ruin venues! They have currently only unleashed a self titled demo EP, but this month are due to unveil their second EP. So come and hear the foxes wail, howl and cause a racket at Mammothfest!


Gothic Comics

I’m not talking about comedians here, I mean graphic novels and comic strips, but not necessarily superheroes of the ‘kapow!’ and ‘kersplat!’ variety. With many popular films and tv shows being turned into comic book series, and vice versa, there are more characters and illustrated adventures than ever before. Creations like Sin City, Scott Pilgrim and all the Marvel characters you can name have been made into successful movies and on the flip side books, and then films, like Twilight have their own comics. While it is great to see some amazing visions brought to life on the big screen it can be detrimental to the cult of comic books, the investment a fan makes is suddenly sold and turned into a franchise – it is just as irritating when the usually elitist (or geeky) world of comics gets invaded by popular fiction, like Twilight and its sparkly vampires. So here, in no particular order, is my list of some of the best, original, gothic comic books around.


The Crow.

The ultimate goth comic as ultra-romantic couple, guitarist Eric Draven and platinum blonde Shelly, are killed the night before their marriage in a vicious attack by a criminal drug addicted gang. The film is quite close to the J. O’Barr comic but nothing could match the intense, dark artwork inspired by the authors personal tradegy – his own fiance was killed by a drunk driver. Eric returns from the dead to avenge their deaths and then joins his lost love in the afterlife. A gothic tale of love and revenge. In black pvc and face paint.


The Sandman.

robably Neil Gaimans’ most popular work this award winning comic intended to revive the 1970’s DC character ‘Dream’ but DC insisted on a new character – Gaiman was allowed to retain the original name though. Dream is one of The Endless who embody the powerful driving forces of the Universe – Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Despair, Desire and Delirium. Death is especially popular with the gothic-minded as she is a skinny goth chick and is also suprisingly cheery (apparently). She was voted fifteenth best comic book character by Empire Magazine. The Sandman series has been descirbed as ‘a comic book for intellectuals’ and won awards no graphic novel had before.


The Tomb of Dracula

A classic early 1970’s comic where Dracula, whose look was based on actor Jack Palance (although looks more like Vincent Price to me), is almost portrayed as a hero as people try each week to kill him and he survives to devour young maidens another day. Blade makes his very first appearance in this series, as do some very cheesy, Hammer Horror style lines and some amazing artwork – “You’ve sealed your end, my friend — for, whoever strikes Dracula — strikes Death!”



Staying with the demon hunter theme the series featuring John Constantine is my number four. While it was made into a successful film in 2005 the main character was played by notorious plank Keanu Reeves and Constantine went from platinum blonde and British to raven haired and American. – they still kept the chain smoking in though so it wasn’t all bad. Constantine is an anti-hero with questionable moral values, who likes swearing, smoking and magic. Sounds like a lot of people I know.



She had to be in here somewhere – not all gothic tales involve demons, vampires and zombies, some involve little blonde dead girls who like to kill small animals. Written by Roman Dirge, Lenore is named after a character from one of Edgar Allan Poes’ poems and she lives in the town of Nevermore so her goth credentials are there from the start. She keeps ‘accidentally’ killing Mr.Gosh, who is in love with her, as well as any kittys that come her way. Actually she ends up killing, maiming or squishing most things but all in the cutest scary-girl way.



While on the cuter side of dark comics here’s one of the first I ever bought. Gloomcookie, the first series anyway, is beautifully illustrated and tells the tale of gorgeous Lex and her trials and heartbreaks within the goth scene. It simultaneously celebrates and ridicules elements of our subculture and you are guaranteed to spot characatures of people you know within the story. I lost interest after the first collected works when the artist changed but nonetheless a great little romantic and twisted fairytale read.


Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.

The title says it all. An odd and gothic-ly styled boy called Johnny goes around killing things (animals, dolls, people) while ranting to himself about life and his desire to kill others and sometimes himself. I only read the first comic last month and have now bought every issue, it is that funny. He also rants at ‘normal’ people and about fake goths. Favourite quote from the first issue “Today I nailed dolls to the wall that I had filled with rats I put in the blender. Perhaps there is something wrong with me…” Who says Goths don’t have a sense of humour?



 Sarcastic, single and Norwegian, she kept me entertained when I lived in Manchester and caught the Metro every day  – she had a regular strip in the free paper, but was originally published in our mummy magazine Terrorizer. She discusses failed dates, hangovers and irritating men with dry wit and exhausted sarcasm. Brilliant.